The Key To Better Performance

Getting the engine serviced

You never save anything by not servicing your car regularly. Like your body, your machine needs the regular check ups, and that’s the truth. You may try to avoid getting your oil changed or tyrea speed dial at full throttle pressure checked regularly, and you may think that you saving money, but the fact is old oil, and the wrong tyre pressure can cost your car’s performance severely. Getting a vw servicing will make your engine work more efficiently, reducing wear and tear on the engine as a whole.

Tyres are important

The tyres of your car should always be at the right pressure. If your tyres are flat, it will cause drag on the vehicle creating more friction and thereby increasing the amount of wear and tear caused to your engine. You need to have the right tyres for your car. These days the small rolling radial tyres are said to be great for fuel economy. You must also keep you tyres correctly aligned. This is guaranteed to improve your mileage by 3-4%. All car manufacturers provide the tyre pressure necessary for your vehicle in a sticker on your car door.

Oil should be important

Don’t take oil changing lightly! It can be very sticky if you do not maintain the oil in your vehicle regularly. EC grade oil or energy conserving oil can help increase the performance of your car and so can 5W-30 oil type. Keep the octane right. Choose the right gas with proper octane proportion. Your car may not require high octane as only a few cars need premium grade oil. Octane does not improve your vehicle’s performance; it improves your performance only for premium grade motors. If yours is not one, then refrain from using premium grade oil.

Air filters

Changing oxygen sensors at the right time is crucial to your car’s performance. You can find most of this information freely available on the internet, but replacing clogged air filters can improve your car’s mileage by as much as 10%, and it will also protect your engine. Today one-third of the vehicles on the road requires filter change, but most drivers choose to ignore that resulting in clogged air filters which overwork the engine.

So as you can see timely vw servicing will help your car clock those extra miles and at the same time give you good mileage. Fine tune your car’s needs and rest assured that it will save your gas. Do not shy away from the service centres. Make special trips before a change of seasons and whenever you predict long hours on the road.